Tony’s Debut Reading of ‘All Growed Up’ in the United States

pub reading flyer 9-27

Tony returns to the U.S. this week for his fall book tour, and it kicks off with a Pub Reading at McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub in Bethlehem, Pa. Tony will perform a reading from All Growed Up for the first time in the States. Come out for this exciting event and celebrate Celtic Culture all weekend long at Celtic Cultural Alliance’s 2014 Celtic Classic!

‘All Growed Up’ Has Arrived!

On Thursday, September 4th, fans in Belfast and Bethlehem celebrated the release of All Growed Up, Tony’s third memoir. Follow the link below to check out an interview from the Belfast Telegraph, the very same company that Tony delivered newspapers for all those years ago.


Tony speaks with the Belfast Telegraph about the release of “All Growed Up”

Click to watch interview

Be sure to pick up your copy of All Growed Up if you haven’t already!

Don’t Miss the Chance to Celebrate the Arrival of ‘All Growed Up’

Tony’s book release is less than two weeks away! With two launch parties on different continents, you don’t have to miss out.

That’s right, ‘All Growed Up’ is getting an international debut- from Belfast to Bethlehem.

You can find Tony at No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast from 6:00-8:00pm on Thursday, September 4th. Or, for our readers in the US, you can join us at McCarthy’s Tea Room in Bethlehem, PA at 1:00pm for a lunchtime celebration, with a live video feed of the launch party in Belfast.

Check out the flyers below and be sure to come out for this one-of-a-kind event! 10478574_1536225319940109_2933054951059185029_n10590420_1539740256255282_6522299284503497434_n

The Countdown is On!

All Growed Up will be here before you know it! Check out the preview below to tide you over until you can get your hands on a copy.

‘It’s Belfast, 1982, and a seventeen-year-old boy wearing Hai Karate aftershave has an appointment with destiny. He is a real man now, so he is, and shaving twice a week. To follow his successful career as a breadboy, he aims to go where few people from the upper Shankill have boldly gone before: to university.’

All Growed Up is the funny and heart-warming sequel to Tony Macaulay’s memoirs Paperboy and Breadboy. It follows Tony as he leaves the Shankill for life as a student in Coleraine, where he discovers true love, sex, socialism and screen tests.

Touching, funny and nostalgic, All Growed Up will delight Tony’s many fans. It’s the book in which the retired paperboy finally grows up.

The memoir is currently available for preorder, and the book will be released on September 4th, 2014!

Announcing Book #3: “All Growed Up”!

It’s official, the title and cover of Tony’s third book have arrived! “All Growed Up: What Breadboy Did At University” is the third installment of the memoir series including “Paperboy” and “Breadboy.”

The cover of 'All Growed Up," the third and final book in Macaulay's trilogy.

The cover of ‘All Growed Up,” the third book in Macaulay’s memoir series.

Stay tuned for more details on the book and its release date!

Youth Drama Project, Capitulate, Opens in Northern Ireland

Together Stronger Aims to Break Down Walls of Prejudice

Capitulate, product of the youth drama project Together Stronger will open in Northern Ireland on Saturday, February 15th, 2014. Formed by a partnership between 174 Trust, Youth Action Northern Ireland, and author and peace builder Tony Macaulay, the project was created as a means for teenagers to make their voices heard among their community, while also giving them an opportunity to learn and develop devising, rehearsal and performance skills. Two performances of the drama will run at the Duncairn Centre for Arts and Culture and Youth Action NI in College Square North.

The objective of the drama project was to create an issue-based piece of theatre focused on sectarianism, centered around the union flag dispute that arose in late 2012 and led to widespread protests and unrest.


The program allows youth to provoke debate in their communities in regards to division, prejudice and stereotyping. It also provides a platform for the youth to showcase their talents and share their opinions.

Tony Macaulay states, “I am very proud of the work these young people have accomplished over the past several months, and I hope that the experience will inspire them to continue to break down walls of prejudice throughout their lives.”

Macaulay, author of the critically acclaimed memoirs Paperboy and Breadboy, entered the partnership with 174 Trust and Youth Action NI as a writer and volunteer artist for the program. He helped to develop a script with local youth and foster an environment of collaboration, creativity and cohesion. Macaulay has worked with hundreds of groups on issues such as community development, conflict resolution, equality and human rights, and helped to develop 174 Trust in Belfast in the 1980’s.

“These youth have worked very hard, and I believe strongly in the message they will portray,” stated Together Stronger Program Director Geoffrey Kerr. “I hope that it encourages others in our community to think differently about conflict resolution and the way they interact with those of different back rounds and lifestyles than their own.”

To book free tickets contact and for more information on Together Stronger, visit

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International authors backs Rotary appeal

Breadboy and Paperboy author Tony Macaulay has joined in the latest Coleraine appeal to Give Blood, Save Lives.


Tony Macaulay and Rotary Club of Coleraine president Cliodhna Rea

The internationally acclaimed author has joined with the Rotary Club of Coleraine to encourage people across the town and borough to come on Monday and Tuesday, 11 and 12 November, and give blood in the donation sessions at the Baptist Church in the town.

Tony has just returned to his Portstewart home from a book launch tour of the USA, where his unique style has been going down a storm.

Speaking at a meeting of the Rotary Club last week Tony said: “I have been a blood donor in the past but this year I have seen the benefits at first hand.

“My mother was very ill and it was in a large part due to blood transfusions that she was able to recover. It made me realise how terribly important a simple act like giving a blood donation can be and the dramatic effect it can have when people are in need of a transfusion.

“I would encourage everyone to go along and give blood at the next donation session in the town. They need new donors but they also need previous donors to come back and donate again.

“There is no doubt that the logo is correct. ‘Give Blood. Save lives.’ You know you want to help.”

Rotary Club president Cliodhna Rea said on behalf of the club: “The Blood Donation Service need donors and they need them now. Please, please come along and make a blood donation.

“It can have the most important effect on someone’s life – and, remember, it only takes a short time to give that most precious gift.”

The blood donation sessions are on Monday and Tuesday, November 11 and 12 at Coleraine Baptist Church Hall from 1.30pm – 4pm and 5.15pm – 8pm.

Everyone welcome.

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