All Growed Up

Release date : September 2014

Publisher: Blackstaff Press

ISBN-13: 978-0856409349

All Growed Up Reviews

 ‘Tony dons boots, leg warmers, and a buffed-up New Romantic hairstyle, taking us on a frightening trip through gaudy eighties culture, tackling The University of Ulster’s intellectual elite. His attempts to establish his intellectual and musical identity are side-splittingly funny. Returning to the family nest, he tackles ma on feminism and granny on the philosophical underpinnings of Coronation Street. The book takes on a more serious note as Tony explores his spirituality and his first ventures into love, with the quirky narrative resuming as he sets off on his quest for work. All in all, the book is a funny heart-warming tale of a journey from boyhood to manhood, nostalgically reflecting a time of stronger community and a less secular world.. (Review in Culture Hub Magazine)

It’s Belfast, 1982, and a seventeen-year-old boy wearing Hai Karate aftershave has an appointment with destiny. He is a real man now, so he is, and shaving twice a week. To follow his successful career as a breadboy, he aims to go where few people from the upper Shankill have boldly gone before: to university.

All Growed Up is the funny and heart-warming sequel to Tony Macaulay’s memoirs Paperboy and Breadboy. It follows Tony as he leaves the Shankill for life as a student in Coleraine, where he discovers true love, sex, socialism and screen tests.

Touching, funny and nostalgic, All Growed Up will delight Tony’s many fans. It’s the book in which the retired paperboy finally grows up.