Social Change

Tony Macaulay has a passion for creating positive social change.


For the past 30 years Tony has worked in conflict transformation, youth work, peacebuilding and community development. He specialises in strategy, organisational management, managing change, transitional executive leadership, programme development and building high performing teams. He has worked with hundreds of groups and organisations on these issues, from small local community organisations to multi national corporations.

His international experience in post conflict countries includes working in in the Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia), where Tony shared his learning, methodologies and experiences from peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. In the 1990s Tony worked as National Programmes Manager for an international youth organisation (YMCA Ireland) and Deputy Director of a regional rural community organisation (Rural Community Network NI).

In the 1980s he worked for a community development project (The 174 Trust) in North Belfast. During this time Tony lived on the peace line in Belfast.

Following his experience of living on and working across interfaces in Northern Ireland he developed a diT.Macaulay-Peace Wallscussion paper proposing a process for the removal of “peace walls.” Click here for a copy of the discussion paper.

His voluntary work has included establishing new integrated schools in Northern Ireland.

Tony is also a suicide prevention advocate and served for five years as the voluntary Chairperson of Contact NI.

He has an MBA, an Honours Degree in Communication Studies and professional qualifications in Advanced Group Work Skills, Community Relations, Youth & Community Work and Executive Coaching.

His MBA included Strategy, Creativity, Innovation and Change, Management Research Project on ‘Equity, Diversity and Interdependence Change Processes Within a Regional Voluntary Organisation’ and Capacities for Managing Development (Local and International Development).

Reports and Discussion Papers

Peace Walls Paper: A










removal of







Faith in Community A Long Term Investment

Rural Communities …Polite Avoidance and Denial- Rhetoric or Reality?

Churches and Faith Based Organisations …Their role in peace building in rural communities.

For more information on Tony’s work in social change visit his website


2 thoughts on “Social Change

  1. Good stuff. I’ve been involved in trade union relations (railroad industry) my entire work life and conflict resolution the past 10 or 15 years. I’ve handled my share of disputes (including privatization of the Polish National Railroad) but you are truly “in the trenches.” My experience pales compared to yours. I’m going to pay more attention to what you’re doing and support you where I can.
    A friend of yours in Bethlehem, PA introduced me to your work. Oh, and made me buy the book.

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