6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I just loved your book “Paperboy”. Despite living so far away I could relate very much to your words. It probably helped that I would be of a similar age (ahem!) – and though not knowing Belfast, I have visited there briefly.
    Thank you for the humour and insight!

  2. Just finished ‘Paperboy’ Tony. It was very entertaining and I will start ‘Bread Boy’ tonight. I wish I would have talked to you about the book at Milwaukee’s Irish Fest. It is very good and a great perspective on the Troubles. I guess we will just have to come to Belfast.
    Thanks for the great read.
    Bob Corby (and Pam Ford)

  3. Hi Tony, just finished reading your 3rd book, all 3 were great. Looking forward to your next, when will it be? There will be a 4th? God bless Ken – after losing my job at Dundonald, remember your first gospel nite! I eventually got my old job back in careers, just retired.

    • Thanks for getting in touch Ken. Yes I’m writing the next book at present. It’s called The Little House on the Peace Line. It might even feature one of those Rock Gospel Nites at the Ice Bowl!

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