Belfast author supports improving educational attainment

Picture of Tony Macaulay visit

Belfast author, Tony Macaulay recently visited a local integrated school to support their commitment to improving educational attainment in English.

Tony commented:

‘I was thrilled to hear that students are studying ‘Paperboy’ for their GCSE. I was delighted to meet the enthusiastic teachers and students at Parkhall Integrated College for two main reasons. Firstly, it is an integrated school and I believe that educating our children together offers the best future for Northern Ireland. Secondly, the school has prioritised improving educational attainment in reading and writing for young people from a similar background to mine, where educational attainment has been lower for far too long.’

Here’s the article written by the school:

Year 11 in Parkhall Integrated College are studying Tony Macaulay’s ‘Paperboy’ on the theme of ‘change’ this year, for their GCSE controlled assessment. To tie in with this; luckily, we were able to contact Tony Macaulay and ask him to come and visit Year 11; Tony said he would be delighted to do this for us. This is what happened:

The visit took off ‘like Thunderbird 3’. It was ‘[him] and us’ – chatting and learning. Year 11 said, ‘It was great to learn about Tony growing up in Belfast during the troubles’ – so it was! We also heard him dramatically reading, we found out – there is future chemistry with ‘chemistry girl’ and that he DID ACTUALLY KICK WOODY!

A big thank you Tony Macaulay – from Year 11 students at Parkhall Integrated College. You inspired the topic for our controlled assessment and have helped make our results the best they can be, so you have. Yeah!!

Sharon Hagen (HoD English – Parkhall Integrated College)

Tony will be speaking at Parkhall Integrated College Prize Day on 22nd October.

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