Tony Macaulay interviews Pulitzer prize winning poet Paul Muldoon 

Tony Macaulay, the Belfast author of the ‘Paperboy’ trilogy, continues his series of interviews with Irish writers for NvTv, Belfast’s Community  Television station, with an interview with the Pullitzer prize winning poet, Paul Muldoon. Click here to watch the interview

Paul Muldoon’s first poetry collection, New Weather, was published in 1973, when he was just 20. At the time, Seamus Heaney taught Muldoon at Queen’s University Belfast, and called him “the most promising poet to appear in Ireland for years”.In the intervening decades, as Muldoon became one of the world’s most revered poets, Heaney remained his guide and champion. Muldoon’s 12th collection, his first since Heaney’s death in 2013, opens with Cuthbert and the Otters, a long, pain-flecked and glitteringly varied elegy to his mentor.Born in 1951 in Armagh, Muldoon has won the TS Eliot Prize and the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. He was the Oxford Professor of Poetry until 2004, is the current president of the Poetry Society and lives in the United States, where he is poetry editor of The New Yorker.

Tony says ‘It’s a privilege to meet Paul Muldoon and to discuss his writing. I’m enjoying interviewing different writers for ‘Novel Ideas’ in NvTv. I hope the programmes are making literature more accessible to people from all backgrounds in Belfast.’

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